non-profit accounting and church accounting

non-profit accounting and church accounting       

We really enjoy working with churches and non-profit organizations. Not only do we understand the special relationships needed for these organizations, but we have the technical knowledge to develop and to maintain the specialized bookkeeping systems, files, and reporting organic to church accounting and non-profit accounting. 

We use restricted fund accounts in our clients’ accounting systems as recommended by government agencies and professional organizations. This allows for the clear distinction and separation of designated funds, grants, and scholarships.

professional services accounting

Professional Services    

We also enjoy working with businesses that provide professional services. We enjoy working with those who provide services in areas of law, education, engineering, counseling, performing arts, science and research, and community and social services. Again, our knowledge of the special accounting and bookkeeping that is germane to these business areas puts us a step ahead of other bookkeepers.

We are use progress invoicing, project invoicing, time invoicing, and pending invoicing as well as standard invoicing to assure that our professional service clients accounts receivable are timely and accurately. 

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